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Vacation Apartments in the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser / Brixental

Enjoy Tyrolean hospitality on our Erbhof!

  • Five cosy apartments (for up to five people)
  • Ideal location in the holiday region Hohe Salve Brixental
  • Perfect for your summer and winter holidays
  • Many excursions and activities in the immediate vicinity, e.g. Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental, hiking possibilities, and much more.

Vacation on a Tyrolian Erbhof

Excerpt from the book: Wörgl – Ein Heimatbuch (Hrsg. Josef Zangerl) 

Adam Strasser has owned the Payrgut in Einöden in the Hansl-Martl. The yard has to pay the monastery Ettal 4 FL 45 KR and water interest. House no. 74. Cat. No. 94.

Example 200. 1710 was Hannß Strasser to Ainethen Fourthaller. From him, the farm is likely to have its current name, and his son Martin Strasser caused the former naming additive.

Peter Strasser becomes farmer.

On July 9, 1838, Lorenz became Strasser Bauer on the farm. The Strasser family has been sitting on the Erbhof Hansling since then. Fr. House.: 76, Wörgller Ground 26.


Michael Strasser

Einöden 4
A-6300 Wörgl

Phone: +43 5332 73397
E-Mail: michael@hanslingerhof.at

Getting there

The Hanslingerhof is located directly at the junction of the Inntal and the Brixental. There are several ways to reach the farm.


From Wörgl

Take the motorway exit Wörgl East and drive in the direction of St. Johann / Brixental on the Loferer Strasse (B178). After the bypass, you will come to the junction for Brixental. Drive here in the direction of Hopfgarten. Just before the hydroelectric power station, on the border between Wörgl and Hopfgarten, there are two farms right next to each other. Please note that the exit is on the right hand side. Turning on the left side (bus stop) is prohibited!


From Hopfgarten / Brixental

As soon as you come from Hopfgarten, drive in the direction of Wörgl. After a long curve, after the hydroelectric power station, you will see a bus stop and an underpass. Here you have to turn right and drive through the underpass. Attention, direct turning to the left is prohibited!